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Four Essential Routine Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

Routine vehicle maintenance in the autumn is essential to avoid emergency auto repair during the busy holiday season. There are several vehicle maintenance tasks that are available from the knowledgeable mechanics working for City Garage DFW. It much easier to schedule an appointment at one of our vehicle service centers than needing a tow-in because you have neglected contacting us. Here are the services we suggest for your vehicle to keep it operating efficiently.

One: Wheel Alignment

Aligning the wheels on your automobile, truck or van reduces the amount of fuel needed along with helping its tires to last longer. The signs of poor alignment are hearing squeaking noises near the wheels when turning, and tires will wear down quickly, leading to possible blowouts and accidents. This maintenance task is completed in less than an hour and is often combined with other tire services.

Two: Radiator Repair

You should never drive a vehicle that has a radiator problem because it can ruin the entire engine, leading to thousands of dollars of damage. The water inside a radiator is designed to flow through hoses to keep a vehicle’s engine cool. If the radiator indicator lights up on your vehicle’s dashboard, then call us immediately to have it towed to our facility.

Three: Transmission Repair

Many vehicle repair shops do not work on transmissions because it is a complex part and difficult to reach. When a driver suspects that there is a problem with a vehicle’s transmission, they should never drive it to avoid a collision. We can use specialized diagnostic equipment to determine the exact problem with a vehicle’s transmission to replace a particular part rather than the entire system.

Four: Oil Change

Having a vehicle’s oil changed frequently is one of the best ways to keep it in good condition and avoid a breakdown. Draining old oil and replacing it with new fluid is recommended a minimum of four times a year, but if you drive your vehicle more miles than the national average, then more frequent changes is the best plan to keep it in tip-top condition.